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Date of last revision: 5 December 2013

RankRunner respects the privacy of visitors to (hereinafter, the “Site”) and undertakes the obligation to take all due care to protect your personal data.

This privacy policy provides which data we obtain and collect about you, how we will use them and the measures we take to ensure that you are protected (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”).

1. Collection of Personal Data

In order for RankRunner to be able to provide you with a personalized service, we ask you for details such as your name, surname and nickname (which are required), location (city and country - also compulsory), your date of birth, sex, e-mail address, or your interests and sports brands. Optionally, so that you get the most of our services, we also encourage you to upload information on your activities, such as GPS data (map coordinates), date and time when you take your activities, duration of each activity, etc.

2. How we use your personal information

The personal information collected allows RankRunner to keep you posted on our latest product announcements, software updates and upcoming events. It also helps us to develop and improve our services. Moreover, RankRunner may use your personal data in order to send you important notices, such as communications about changes to our terms and conditions or to the present Privacy Policy.

RankRunner may not only collect personal information. However, if we do combine non-personal information with personal information the combined information will be treated as personal information for as long as it remains combined.

3. Location-Based Data

When you register at, download and use the RankRunner application on your iPhone (hereinafter, the “app”), the default setting of the RankRunner app allows the online monitoring of your location and route, including route maps, distance and movements (hereinafter, your “location-based data”). Users of the Site - and relevant sub-sites - are allowed to follow your selected activity and the location of the data based on real time and to access the location-based data with respect to training history.

We will collect the location-based data only if you are registered, while the monitoring and settings of the app are online. When the application is off, location-based data are no longer recorded, but location data continue to be accessible to you and to others in your profile on the Site.

At any time you can restrict the access to your data, in order to limit who could see such data, by accessing to, logging in to your session and changing your privacy settings in “Settings” and then “Privacy”. Furthermore, in order to limit the access of other users to your personal data, you can change the shared-use settings in the app settings.

The location-based data shall be kept while your RankRunner account is active. This means that the data will be collected while your profile in RankRunner exists. In case that you delete your profile, we will delete these data within one month.

4. E-mail and SMS

RankRunner asks you to provide us with your e-mail address and your cellphone number in order to be able to send you e-mails and/or SMS with information, news and updates about our services. We will only send e-mails/SMS if you have accepted this expressly (OPT IN).

If you provide us with the personal data of a third party, for example, if you invite one of your friends to join you in using RankRunner, we will only use these third-party data for this specific purpose, that is, to send him/her an invitation. RankRunner shall not contact third parties unless indicated to do so by them.

5. Automatically Collected Data

When you visit the site, we automatically collect data on your visit via cookies. This includes the following:

  • Your IP address
  • The pages you visit and the order in which you visit them
  • Duration of the visit
  • Website or search engine that brought you to the site
  • Word(s) you entered into the search engine
  • Your operating system and the type and version of your browser
  • The screen resolution and number of colors used by your PC
  • If your PC is compatible with JavaScript and Flash

This information combined with the data you have provided us with (e.g., registration) will allow us to improve and customize the services we offer you.

This data is managed anonymously. This data, when handled in this manner, shall no longer be considered “personal data” and shall be used exclusively for statistical and measurement purposes (Google Analytics).

6. Use of cookies

When you access our Site, we or the companies we hire to monitor how our website is used may install small data files called cookies on your computer. A cookie is a small string of information that is transferred to and stored on your computer for identification purposes. Cookies may be used to track your activity on the Site in order to help us to understand your preferences and to improve your user experience.

The Site uses session and persistant cookies. Session cookies are used to keep a record of the session within the same browser and will expire after 120 minutes. Persistent cookies are used by the site automatically to keep a record of accesses if you accepted the function “stay connected” or “do not close session” and also to record your preferences for viewing the map function. Persistent cookies expire 31 days after your last visit to the Site.

You can deactivate all cookies if you prefer not to have them. You can also configure your computer or device to notify you each time cookies are used. For both options, you need to change the settings in your browser. You can read more about cookies at (information in Spanish).

RankRunner uses cookies to improve your navigation and use of the Site. As well as the RankRunner cookies, the Site also saves the cookies of Google Analytics and Facebook. Both are persistent cookies. You can learn about the expiry of the Google Analytics and Facebook cookies at and

7. Use of Visitor Information

All personal data shall be recorded, used and protected in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

8. Data Handling

All the information and personal data are managed and controlled by

RankRunner, S.L.
Josep Bertrand, 5 1º
08021 Barcelona

If you have any questions about your personal information and our management of it, you can contact us by email through the following address:

All data are stored and processed by RankRunner in servers located within the European Union. Therefore, if you are from outside the European Union, bear in mind that the information you provide us will be transferred to the European Union.

RankRunner may opt to reach an agreement with a hosting provider within the European Union on the storage and processing of the data, including your personal data. This agreement shall be subject to the current legislation on data protection and in accordance with this privacy policy.

The personal data processed and stored by RankRunner shall not be transferred to third parties unless agreed between RankRunner and the hosting service provider.

The personal details shall be kept as long as your RankRunner account is active. To obtain information on how to close your RankRunner account, please see Section 11.

In accordance with current law, you have the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose your personal data and you may exercise this right by writing to the following address:

9. Protection of Personal Security Data

In order to protect your personal data and any other information we have stored, we have established several security measures. Your personal data are stored in a secure location and are treated confidentially.

Personal data can only be accessed by a limited number of persons, who have special access rights and who undertakes the obligation to keep the information confidential.

Please bear in mind that each time you share personal information online there is a risk that third parties may intercept and use this information.

Even though RankRunner makes an effort to protect the personal information and privacy of our users, we can not guarantee the protection of any information that you disclose online. In this sense, we expressly remind you that you do so at your own risk.

10. Children’s privacy notice

RankRunner encourages parents and guardians to participate in and/or advise their children regarding their online activities.

RankRunner will not collect nor treat any data from children without the prior consent of their parents or guardians, so RankRunner requires the parent consent in writing to the present Privacy Policy and to our Terms and Conditions. In order to obtain the parents’ or guardians’ consent and to provide information about our services, RankRunner may collect their email address. In this sense, we encourage children to ask their parents or guardians for such permission before revealing any information online.

RankRunner will not collect more personal information from children than that information reasonably necessary to participate in any activity.

We may share a child’s personal information with third parties to the extent reasonably necessary to protect the security or integrity of our Online Services, take precautions against liability, or respond to judicial process or requests from other governmental authorities; or when we consider that disclosure is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.

Parents or guardians may refuse to permit further collection or use of their child’s personal information giving their previously consent. To do so, you should contact us at the address, telephone number or e-mail address provided in section 14 with your request.

In the case RankRunner change the way to collect, use, and/or share a child’s personal information, we will provide parents notice by e-mail.

11. Disclosure to third parties

It may be necessary for RankRunner, by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities, to disclose your personal information. RankRunner may also disclose such information if we determine it necessary for purposes of national security, law enforcement or other issues of public importance. Furthermore, we may also reveal your personal information if we consider it necessary in order to enforce our terms and conditions or to protect our other users.

12. Links to Third Parties

For your convenience and more efficient use of the Site, we occasionally include links referred to websites of third parties, to which this privacy policy does not apply.

These links will put you out of our service and out of the Site and, therefore, are beyond our control. This includes links to the websites of third parties who may use the logos of RankRunner as part of a co-branding agreement.

You visit/access the websites of third parties at your own risk. Please bear in mind that these third-party websites may have their own privacy policies.

When we include a link to a third-party website, this does not automatically imply that RankRunner supports this website, its content or products.

13. Miscellaneous: OPT-OUT, delete, modify personal information or close account

You may cancel your RankRunner account at any time and you may choose not to receive any e-mail or SMS messages from RankRunner.

You can also opt to have your personal data deleted from our database.

If you wish to unsubscribe or remove your personal data, please send your request to the following address: stating your username and the reason why you take that decision.

If you want to change your personal data, please visit, sign in and change your account settings in "Edit Profile".

RankRunner encourages you to update your personal details if they change. This will allow us to provide you with a better experience.

14. Changes

We reserve the right to revise and modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You should visit this page from time to time in order to remain up to date with any possible revisions. However, we will notify you by e-mail of any possible modification and you may also be asked to accept the changes to this privacy policy. If you do not accept these changes, your access to all or part of the Site may be denied.

15. Applicable Law

These Terms of Use shall be governed by Spanish law and the competent courts for the resolution of conflicts are those of Barcelona, unless mandatory law provides otherwise.

16. Contact

RankRunner, S.L.; Spanish national company, registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona, with registered offices in Barcelona (08021), C/Josep Bertrand, 5º-1ª.

Contact telephone number:

E-mail address:

Tax Identification Number: B65775629

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