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Who we are

You’ve always had it in you. Maybe you started 20 years ago. Or maybe today. But if you run, it’s because you know you can achieve something for yourself. And that makes you a runner.

RankRunner motivates all kinds of runners to become better. To be motivated and inspired by runners all over the world in a competitive, social and ethic way.

We stand by three main ideals and we do everything we can to keep them real:

  • We believe you have to work for success, we believe in sport as a way of life, and in commitment to your goals.
  • We encourage the participation in races, as well as regularity in your training to develop your true potential.
  • We work to give you information that’s relevant, useful, and independent. Our results are objective, and we do not accept any rewards to include or rank runners in any way.

At RankRunner nobody will mark the way, the speed or the rhythm. There are no gold medals either. The reward is becoming a bit better everyday, and sharing it with others with sportsmanship.

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